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Tesla Model S Full Screen Screenshots

These fit the browser space in full screen mode (tap twice on browser app button).

App Links

Location-free Clock : 20817 Weather Radar(with ads) : Stopwatch+Log : Timer

Location Req'd: TeslaTime* : Quick Tesla

* they say they do not do anything with collected location

Background Image Collections

To prepare the images above, I cropped to (1200 x 1465 px) and created thumbnails (250 p high) with links.

Image searches: landscape 1465x1465 : landscape 1200x1465 : beach 1200x1600: beach 1200x1920

(window size js tool)


Action: evaluate and summarize privacy policies. All these apps ask for your location.

Clocks TeslaTime : Quick Tesla

VarietyTeslaApps Dashboard Essentials are free (weather, photos, world clock, calculator, street view) 007 theme

Other sitesTesla coil Blog

App ideas

  • Stopwatch/Alarm/Timer- large buttons, memory. Consider having stopwatch stop when reach a selected location.
  • Image browser- either tap or timeout to change through categories of 1080 x 1920 (like this photo
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Page last modified on January 03, 2016, at 09:20 AM