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§ Wish List

Make the Scratch Section more like a code editor: tabs, auto indentation, line numbering.

There are of course cross-browser WYSIWYG text editors, but Searching sf.net doesn't show up anything close to a cross-browser "code editor"(approve sites).

§Ideas deferred

§Label section

Removed-- is not cross-platform and can be implemented using HTML Section

This is a simple styleable, edit in place section, but it relies on an IE-proprietary capability to make an HTML node editable. moz can enable editable html, but only for the entire page, not just within a single node.

{label: "Label", onclick: "_mgr.createSection('','label').calc(1)", shortcut:"Ctrl-Shft-L"}

in os_mgr.prototype.createSection:

	else if (type.match(/scratch/i)) { section = new ScratchSection(name, v); }
	//	else if (type.match(/label/i))    { section = new LabelSection(name, this._view); }

§ Script section

Removed-- block capability of Scratch sections does essentially the same thing.

This was to be a simple "eval all content at once" section for writing scripts. But it's not needed anymore.

in os_mgr.prototype.createSection

	else if (type.match(/scratch/i)) { section = new ScratchSection(name, v); }
	//	else if (type.match(/script/i))  { section = new ScriptSection(name, this._view); }

§"Other" table row

Deferred-- complex implementation

it would be nice to designate a row to not be part of a table's "us[]" array. This could be used to do column summaries at the bottom or to do subtotals. it would be pretty easy to have an TableSection::other[] array contain objects that point to the row to insert before (then showValues() could read this array and generate all rows correctly), but managing how to convert rows between normal and "other" i think might get messy.

§os_mgr.prototype.calc: Catch section renames during _mgr calculation

Deferred-- complex implementation. Alternative: use _mgr.renameSection()

Would be nice to use a section's own .rename() method and have the rename be noticed and fixed in os_mgr's calc() method. But the following implementation is not working right. Not sure how to find old name to delete. Alternative would be to get table's own rename method to propagate to _mgr. But that seems messy too.

	// catch any sections renamed internally.
	// would be nice, but 
	if (!this.sections[s[i]._name]) this.renameSection(
	var k = keys(this.sections);
	salert(k, "KEYS SECTIONS")
	for (var i=0; i<k.length; i++) {
		var oldName = k[i];
		var newName = this.sections[oldName]._name;
		if (newName != oldName) this.rename(oldName, newName);
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Page last modified on May 06, 2007, at 06:38 AM