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ObjectsheetAn experimental javascript-based replacement for traditional spreadsheets, hosted on sourceforge.
DupStatA duplicate file and folder finder with helpful statistics, also on sourceforge.
Basis RetrieverFor Basis Band fitness tracker: download your data. also on sourceforge.
Triangulation Distance CalculatorCalculate distance to an object using a smartphone. You can also use a PC and enter the data in by hand. Shows results in embedded (Google) Map.
Basis ViewerFor data from BasisRetriever: browse and graph your data easily. Project files on sourceforge.
TeslaTesla model S links and webapps.
PBaseA place for my photos
Thailand TraveloguePhoto journal of the trip Galina and I took there in early 2009.
Japan TraveloguePhoto journal of my trip there in Nov. 2001.
My BookmarkletsIncluding Javascript expression evaluator, show form elements, regex form element search/replace
Regex Search and ReplaceAn on-line search/replace tool. Place text in the "Target" textbox, enter one or more Regex's, then hit "Go".
Old Home pageHTML Version
GalinaGalina's page


Objectsheet related: RDF and dbpedia : Objectsheet Misc Notes : dbpedia has a link to an Objectsheet demo on their front page.

Stuff to do on Providenciales

Other Notes: General UI thoughts


Media: wash post : everything2 : slashdot : Rapgenius: annotated classics (e.g., Great Gatsby)

Stuff: photosig : Local Notes (Bethesda, MD)

Fun: achewood : web collage : humanclock

Cool Nomic Game example : CGPGrey: Cool educational Videos : FHP: Useful Websites

Software Dev Pythonista- Python for iPad

Funny Carol Burnett show-- skit with "I don't care". This page

Other Stuff

Osrow X700 Pasta Machine : MR2 Mk I for Sale (Sold! 1 Oct 2010)

Cycling Ibis Tandem Bike for Sale : Sheldon Brown Cyclopedia

pmwiki : documentation index : basic editing

Contact: rich -at- cometresearch -dot- com

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