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"I am giving, caring, confident, hardworking, and goal-oriented, analytical, encouraging, supportive, good listener, artistic, verbal, loving, nurturing, athletic, funny, fun, intense, in tents, horny, sensual, a good cook, trust my gut, instinctive, perceptive, planner, forgetful, family oriented, musical, nature lover, sugaraholic, chocoholic, wino, silly, passionate about my beliefs, impatient when others wont change, gracious, grateful, grapenuts, creative, leader, take-charge, get-it-donner, pseudo green, shopaholic, son spoiler, prejudice against the older white male sexist pig farting fuckhead schmuck faced moron rapist stupid shit-faced asshole sexist selfrighteous infection of an offense to humanity, forgiving, and understanding."
June 5, 2008

"Polygamy is mighty bigamy"
June 6, 2008

Describe a situation from the past three months when a) you examined or challenged a belief you held; or b) you were open to feedback.

"Specific example: I asked my husband to edit this and he did. I got angry and defensive and argued almost every point. But in the end he was right about most of them, not that Id ever let him know. I keep hoping that Im becoming a better writer, and when he edits each thing (hell tell me I cant use the word thing) I write I keep hoping that hes impressed with how much better Ive gotten and that hell have very few edits. Hes gets done much more quickly, so of course I get excited. Only to find out, hes much better at understanding and editing my writing so hes faster, and I have just as many problems writing a coherent sentence as ever."
June 8, 2008
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Page last modified on August 25, 2008, at 07:09 PM