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Find duplicate (or unique) files and folders, with at-a-glance statistics.

Dupstat Screenshot

DupStat can help answer questions like, "What files are on my thumb drive that are not on my PC?" or "Do I have any duplicated folders on a drive" and can help synchronize different copies of a folder.

It does this by aggregating and showing file duplication statistics up an entire directory tree. Such statistics can help you quickly see where files and folders are duplicated and where they are unique. Then you can decide what's worth saving and what can be deleted.

Download via SourceForge. Currently Windows-only distribution.

Overview and Getting Started

Sourceforge Project Page. Includes screenshots.


More Info/Contact

For more information, please email the author: rg1 @at@ rawds.com.

If you're a SourceForge member, you can post a question or comment in the sourceforge project.

Older Content

Version 0.2: Overview and Getting Started

Version 0.3: Overview and Getting Started

Version 0.4: Overview and Getting Started

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